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Clip Button

Clip Button fixes the earphone wires onto the clothing for daily commute and sports use.

In daily life, we usually take off our earphones and either insert them into our pockets or hang the cables around our neck temporarily. However, it is easy for the cables to tangle up, to drop the earphones or lose the earphones entirely. Instead of creating more electronic accessories for consumers, the designers designed a prototype that can adapt to all earphones.

Clip Button easily solves the above problem by putting together a clip function and a regular clothing button. This re-designed button now catches the wires, making sure that the earphone falls naturally in front of the chest without interfering movement. This product proposes to make fashion accessories, such as a buttons on shirt, more functional. The Clip Button is made from a rubber material that can accommodate different cable thickness.


Yang Fan, Liu Yunsong, Zhao Xin, Li Yue, Xu Tiantian


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