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CLEANSMILE is a soapbox that integrates the function of soap and washing board, which simplifies the process of doing laundry manually. Not only does it optimise the user experience, it also potentially reduces water consumption.


Zhejiang University, China

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Tao Ye, Prof. Ying Fangtian

Design: Zhang Xiaolian, Liu Shuai, Luo Qionglu

CLEANSMILE is an integrated soap and washboard soapbox that is made of a flexible rubber material. It can accommodate soap of any condition – whole bars or soap or scraps of used soap. Water flows in from a hole at the top of the soapbox and produces soapsuds at the base. The convex structure of the soapbox with studs and holes replaces the structure and function of a washing board and the user can hold the soapbox comfortably in his or her hand to do the necessary manual washing. 

At the same time, CLEANSMILE also protects human skin and clothes by keeping them from direct contact with soap. It uses a simple, healthy and environmentally friendly method to inject a new concept into the laundry process, which is necessary, but often annoying and a waste of natural resources.


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