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Clean-Care is a hygiene service system designed for the homeless so that they can get clean towels to clean themselves and receive new ones by returning their dirty towels every week.

The homeless are devoid of clean and comfortable fixed habitats, which also makes it difficult for them to keep clean. Clean-Care is designed to help them get clean, improve their lives and maintain a sense of responsibility. It is a method of solving a social problem and allowing the homeless to live with more dignity.

The homeless can get a clean towel and receive a new one every week by returning the used towel. This is a long-term solution to solve the cleanliness problems faced by the homeless. At the same time, this solution also negates the wasteful use of consumable materials. The towels are soaked with disposable bath foam and as long as the users can find water sources and suitable spaces to wash up, it becomes convenient for them to clean themselves regularly.


Liu Hongmiao, Zhang Han, Wu Yusen, Gao Weiyue, Wang Honglie


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