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With the number of cyclists around the world increasing, especially in urban areas, more than ever before there is a growing awareness of the necessity to enhance cyclists’ safety. But why is safety gear so unattractive? Most cyclists opt to wear a cover-up of high-visibility neon jackets because there is no other choice. As cycling is increasingly becoming an icon of freedom and fashion, so why not make cycling safety gear more visually appealing? Why not make something urban cyclists would want to wear?  

City Firefly offers instantly improved visibility in the dark while maintaining style and individuality. This chain lock is embedded with electroluminescent tape that lights up to enhance the visibility of the cyclist at night. The chain is worn across the body during the ride to help prevent road accidents. It has been designed to be conveniently and comfortably worn over clothing without detracting from style. It is ideal for long or short trips, for cycling around town, and for those who wish to arrive at their destination in style without compromising on safety. 

City Firefly

City Firefly is a bicycle chain lock system that instantly turns into wearable safety gear for cyclists. It is an innovative mixture of function and fashion. It challenges the present conventional safety-versus-style mind set by exploring a more visually appealing way of making road users aware of cyclists’ presence.



Takeshima Kazuyoshi, Uchima Rosa

The ‘two-sided’ chain has two simple functions: ride and lock. Pressing the key button makes one side of the chain light up. There are two light modes: Full and Eco (flashing, allowing a longer battery life). Should the chain be forcibly pulled during cycling, the smart design instantly releases itself to free the cyclist from danger (emergency release). City Firefly is easy to lock/unlock by turning the key hub. The key hub stores the battery, which can be easily recharged via a USB port. The LED indicator clearly shows the supply level of the battery.

The electroluminescent tape is extremely efficient; it saves 30% more energy than LED, and the 6mm wide tape illuminates 80+ lumens, visible at a range of over 20m. The tape is thin, produces no heat, is outdoor friendly, and withstands impacts. It emits a striking blue/green light – an unfamiliar colour on the road so that vehicle drivers can instantly recognise the presence of a cyclist. It is hoped that this will become a new colour identity for cyclists.  

This project was inspired by fireflies, which use their flashing lights to signal and warn of danger in a beautiful way. City Firefly‘s sleek look and hassle-free mechanism will motivate cyclists to wear it, resulting in enhanced road safety.


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