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Chrome Eye

Chrome Eye is a stationary bike with a new concept. Via a network service, it provides mutual interaction between users, as well as information on healthy living.

While conventional indoor bikes have rough designs, Chrome Eye aims to be both a practical and a beautiful indoor healthcare product. Chrome Eye enables users around the world to exercise, play games with each other and share their scores. Users may also check one another’s calorie consumption and receive information on healthy living via a network service. 



Team Lead: Kim Taek

Design: Lee Taeyong


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Chrome Eye is mainly made of carbon, a material that is highly elastic yet hardy. Unlike conventional indoor bikes, users can exercise in a comfortable position by adjusting the angle of the handle.

Charging a mobile device is possible either by pedaling or connecting the device to a separate charger. Once such mobile devices are connected to the USB port on the bike, users can monitor their calorie consumption prior to and after the exercise session with the in-body measurement installed in the bike handle.

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