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Lian Tianting

Chinese zodiac is the treasure of the traditional Chinese culture, and it has been integrated into every field of Chinese people’s life. In this practice twelve animal signs correspond to a 12-year cycle, and in people’s hearts, it works as a vivid way to differentiate years of birth. This Chinese Zodiac project modifies and updates the traditional practice and packaging of Chinese zodiac culture. This will allow a larger audience to appreciate this extensive and profound cultural practice.

Existing practice of Chinese zodiac culture involve many components such as wall hangings and frames, which easily causes visual fatigue when such components are overused. To satisfy people’s growing sensibilities towards fresher identities, the zodiac images are redesigned and repackaged. The smaller pictures of this Chinese Zodiac product can be used as toys to develop children’s intelligence, while those of other specifications can be used as wall decorations in homes, offices, hotels, etc.

This Chinese Zodiac product adopts the modern technology of Velcro. By moving the segments of the pictures, a new abstract picture can be created on the board. On closer observation, the picture is essentially a square image with several combination lines. Only when it is being expanded and rearranged can the animal images be seen. During the restructuring of the blocks, these subtle and wonderful changes take place. The mysteries in the change will increase the interaction between people and the picture. This product casts a novel vision onto Chinese Zodiac culture. The combination of techniques and art also brings decorative technology revolution to a new height.


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