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SunDesign, China

Team Lead: Sun Jian

Design: Sun Jian

Chinese Partridge Tea Packaging Design

This is a product logo and premium packaging design project for Zhu Ge tea – a kind of semi-fermented tea that grows in Hainan, China. The unique product logo is inspired by the folktale of a partridge and adapted from a Chinese font to look like a little hero with a slim profile of tea leaves.

The design inspiration came from a folktale of a partridge. By using a line drawing of a partridge resting on a tree and contrasting it against a pure white background, the product story is conveyed in a simple and direct manner. 

Since Zhu Ge tea grows in an area called Dong Shan Hill, which is also a Buddhist shrine, the high-end packaging originated from the abstract conception of Buddhism and the Chinese word, kong, which suggests the Buddhist pursuit of ethereality and integrity. The packaging comprises three parts – the connection between the tea leaves and the hands of the Buddha expresses a pattern which looks like a marriage of leaves and a hand.  

After they are baked, the tea leaves of Zhe Gu tea turn into little balls which resemble the shape of Buddha’ beads. By associating the landscape painting with tea leaf balls, it expresses a Buddhist philosophy, where one see that “mountains are not mountains, and waters are not waters” (Ch’uan Teng Lu, The Way of Zen). The final product is a gift box for Zhe Gu tea products that symbolizes the cultural significance of its tea-growing origin; the high-end packaging is representative of the high quality of tea leaves in the Hainan island province.


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