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Chicco Ride On

Chicco Ride On is designed to safely follow the rapid psychomotor development of children between the ages of 1 to 4 and adapt to the needs of the growing child.


Ernesto Rosales

The evolutionary concept of the Ride On Chicco is born from the needs of parents to buy various types of vehicles for their children during the rapid development in their early years, from cars, walkers and jumpers to different types of ride-ons. This is where the idea is born for a ride-on that integrates the main functions of these various products. Ride On Chicco adapts to the needs of a growing child. For the parents, this means making a single investment and freeing up space at home with a single multifunctional ride-on.

The design sought to create a structure that would provide security and convenience to transform the ride-on. The Chicco Ride On represents a playmate that the child can include in their daily activities. As such, it is designed with a character that complements this interaction, installed with coloured lights and sounds that are activated when the steering handles are rotated.

Chicco Ride On integrates the following 6 functions in one single vehicle: 

The Strolling Mode (1 year old) – This mode allows the ride to be assisted by the parents and comprises a removable footrest and an adjustable handle that a parent can use to take a child.

The Baby Ride On (1 to 2 years old) – This is the ride-on option with the lowest height for the first movements of a toddler.

The Push Walker (1 to 2 years old) – This mode uses the adjustable handle of the back support as a walker.

The Bounce Mode (2 years old) – The wheel axle rotates to convert the ride onto a jumper. This is possible all thanks to the springs found on the axis of each wheel.

The Ride-On (2 to 3 years old) – This is the ride-on option with the tallest height and it allows children to move independently anywhere.

The Scooter Mode (4 years and older) – The seat support can be removed and the retractable wheels regulated to transform the ride-on into a scooter.


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