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Charac-IoT Speaker

Charac-IoT Speaker created by Korea Telecom (KT) is designed with six friendly and cute characters. Each character holds a musical instrument and works individual as personal speakers, but when connected to Wi-Fi, they deliver a rich sound of music together via 5.1 channels. 


KT, South Korea
Team Lead: Lim Jae-Hee
Design: Choi Jae-Hyuk, Kim Hyung-Kun, Lee Yong-Hoon, Koo Ye-Seul 

design mu, South Korea
Team Lead: Kim Jung-Hoon

To break away from the cold, metallic image of general IoT (Internet of Things) products, the Charac-IoT Speaker was developed by KT as a IoT speaker with cute characters. With their friendly appearances, each character adds joy to everyday life. Charac-IoT Speaker comprises six speakers and when connected to Wi-Fi network, they deliver the rich and ample sound of music, as though from an orchestra playing.

With its connectivity capability and its compact size, the product maximises mobility and convenience, thus overshadowing the existing speakers and their demerits. Also, when the set of Charac-IoT Speaker is shared in a home, each family members can listen to their individual choice of music via two separate channels, or enjoy a more ample sound via 5.1 channels as a family by putting the speakers together. The speaker becomes the centre of quality family time and strengthens family bonds.

Most traditional portable speakers tend to look cold, masculine and metallic, but Charac-IoT Speaker takes the opposite direction to seek convergence between technology and sensuality. The result is an electronic product built with human-oriented technology that also appeals to wider spectrum of users and lifestyles.


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