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Charac-IoT Home Cam

Charac-IoT Home Cam, with its friendly appearance, is designed for both adults and kids. It is differentiated from existing CCTV cameras and instead, creates cosy home camera images that everybody will enjoy.


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KT, South Korea
Team Lead: Lim Jae-Hee
Design: Choi Jae-Hyuk, Kim Hyung-Kun, Lee Yong-Hoon, Koo Ye-Seul 

design mu, South Korea
Team Lead: Kim Jung-Hoon

To break away from the cold, metallic image of general IoT (Internet of Things) products, the Charac-IoT Home Cam was developed by Korea Telecom (KT) as a convergence of IoT and cute character figurines. With its friendly appearance, this home camera breaks away from the typical metallic, surveillance-style look and feel of generic CCTV cameras. Instead, it creates a warm and sensitive image of a caregiver and protector, rather than an over-guarding watcher. 

When spatial movement is detected, Charac-IoT Home Cam immediately transmits signals through Wi-Fi to mobile devices. In addition, a built-in motion sensor lets parents keep an eye on their kids and follow their every movement through real-time footage. When users pat a specific part of the product, just as they do to pets, the camera switches on via the touch sensor and this immediately builds intimate connection and interaction between users. 

Charac-IoT Home Cam adds an emotional element to technology. Anyone is likely to enjoy this product, regardless of age or gender. Charac-IoT Home Cam converges human emotion and technology to create a product that is appealing to both adults and kids. Powered by human-oriented technology, this home camera becomes a reliable friend that everyone will want to keep around at all times.

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