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CHAPITEAU Lamps Collection

CHAPITEAU lamps collection is inspired by the romantic image of travelling circuses and air acrobats. The lamps have a showy striped design, individually hand painted by Italian artisans.


Ekaterina Elizarova
Russian Federation

The inspiration for this collection is founded on the images of the ‘travelling circus’ (the ‘Chapiteau’) with its colorful tent roofs and costumes of air acrobats. The showy striped design on each lamp is hand painted by Italian artisans. 

The top and bottom of the lamps are reversible to change the order of the colours, and they can be fixed in either direction. The CHAPITEAU lamps collection comprises a platinum, copper and gold edition. The user can use one, a couple, or many lamps at the same time to achieve an impressive visual effect. CHAPITEAU lamps collection is a result of a successful collaboration between Russian designer, Ekaterina Elizarova, and Italian company, Bosa.


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