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Ceramic Waste Basket

This is an eco-friendly wastebasket made with ceramic materials for food waste. It can block out the bad stench under the hot and humid weather and protect people from various diseases.


Choi Yunho
South Korea


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As the interest in food waste disposal function increases every year, both practicality and technical design are required for a wastebasket. Food waste dehydrating disposers were originally invented as a remedy for the regular wastebasket’s disadvantage. However, food waste dehydrating disposers are prone to breaking down, they are expensive and they can too be the main cause of odour and diseases. Therefore, the Ceramic Waste Basket is made as an eco-friendly product, which is easy for anyone to use.

We designed this waste disposal system to yield the maximum benefits at minimum cost. The Ceramic Waste Basket can dispose of food waste in a clean and eco-friendly manner. Without using electricity, the system contributes to the protection of the environment; it also helps families in need lower their household expenses. To solve the problems of odour and disease, materials such as plastic and stainless steel are not ideal, so ceramic is chosen instead to remove the odour.

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