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Cement Benches for Square Garden

This seating system can be easily tailored to the characteristics of different urban squares and spaces. From a single set of concrete moulds, a variety of seating possibilities can emerge. 

This modular public seating system can be assembled in various configurations to suit the location and its seating requirements. The base module is a ‘half square’ of cast concrete. Two modules, each with complex curved surfaces as well as orthogonal ones, form a 450mm cube when interlocked. 


The repetition of dimensions across the identical ‘halves’ means that continuous surfaces can be created when the units are placed side by side. Multiple seating orientations and positions are possible. It is up to the user to determine how they will engage with the forms. 

When arranged together, the modules are reminiscent of natural rock formations that have been eroded by the elements. The simplicity of the manufacturing method (low-cost casting using moulds) is matched by the ease with which the modules can be assembled into seating.


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Chengdu Shayuan Industrial Design Co., Ltd, China

Team Lead: Prof. Huang Tao 
Designers: He Guoli, Kang Qiang, Liu Guona, Qiu Liwei, Shi Xiaoming

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