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Care Mom

It is difficult for parents to check on their newborn babies because of the ‘30-minute a day’ visiting restriction in incubators. Therefore, Care Mom is a much needed incubator baby care system for this very purpose.


Choi Miryung
South Korea

It is difficult for parents to visit their newborn babies or check on their health conditions because visits to the incubators are limited to 30 minutes a day. Therefore, Care Mom will be useful to check on a baby via the software application. Additionally, Care Mom will come in useful for emergencies when a baby needs urgent medical attention.

With the Care Mom application, parents with premature babies will be able to watch their babies in real time by controlling the camera installed in Care Mom. The mother and baby can also feel each other’s heartbeats through the application, Care Mom provides a variety of features in addition to those, such as keeping a record of the baby’s information, creating photo albums, sharing heartbeat, doctor’s note, baby diary and other functions.


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