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Cardiac Catheterization Suite

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Suite is designed to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. The department design is one part of a cohesive, integrated care model vision that will also consist of a non-interventional cardiac area and coordinated care clinics.


Philips Design, United States
Team Lead: Sean Hughes
Design: Margaret Cervantes, Giang Vu, Colleen  Wittman

Anderson Mikos Architects and Power Construction, United States

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services worked alongside Anderson Mikos Architects and Power Construction to engage the hospital in the co-creation of optimised physical design, staff workflows, and enhanced patient and family journeys. The goal was to not only design an overall departmental layout (incorporating operational workflow improvement, architectural and service design) but to also define the overall hospital experience, which will set the standard for future projects enterprise-wide. This is important to enhance patient-experience, staff-experience, and safety.


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The Cardiac Catheterization Suite offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to providing quality care that reaches the most patients and customers within a highly desirable clinician work environment. Innovative features to reduce stress and anxiety for patients, family and staff are provided throughout the new suite. Flexibility for EP and Cath procedures to meet the future growth projections is achieved through rooms sized to accommodate either modality. The Radial Lounge has been created as an option for patients recovering from Transradial procedures. This type of recovery model has been shown to increase safety while reducing recovery time. Also strengthened are the safety measures to indicate radiation safety zones and usage through innovative lighting colour indicators.  

The benefits of this model include higher patient, family and staff satisfaction score, improved workflow and enhanced safety, and reduced recovery times. The materials specified are sustainable and low in volatile organic compounds, and the air quality is enhanced to ensure that a healthy environment is supported for patients, families and staff. 

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