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Campinguard is an automatic fire extinguishing system for the outdoors and camping activities.


Incheon National University, South Korea

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Suh Myeongwon

Design: Kim Beomsu, Lee Minjin, Kim Misun

When we go camping and there is a fire in a tent, the tent will be burnt down in only 45 seconds. The fire usually occurs when we fall asleep, so we need a light, a fire alarm device and an auto fire extinguishing system in the tent. Campinguard is an auto fire extinguishing system. When a fire occurs, Campinguard puts out the fire immediately and protects the camping site using the conventional camping equipment. 

Campinguard works in the following sequence: If a fire occurs in a tent, the fire detection alarm will sound, the LED lights are turned on and an extinguishing liquid will be dispensed to extinguish the fire. Campinguard comprises a fire sensor, an alarm, a LED light, fire extinguishing liquids and a nozzle.


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