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Camera Shell for the Lefty

Conventional cameras are mainly designed to be operated by right-handed people who form the majority, but not the ‘lefties’ or anyone with a disabled right hand. The Camera Shell for the Lefty is an add-on left panel for conventional cameras to provide operating convenience for the non-right-handed.


Dalian Nationalities University
School of Design

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Bao Haimo

Design: Zhang Zhen, Zong Baihan, Cai Mengsheng, Zhang Dianming, Fu Jianmin, Zhang Chaojun, Su Fangyu, Xu Kun

The Camera Shell for the Lefty is a supplementary accessory that can be attached to the body of conventional cameras to provide operating convenience for the left-handed. A connecting bar at the bottom of the panel can be drawn out and extended into different lengths to fit cameras of different sizes. This product brings about a new pattern of operating cameras for the left-handed without increasing the size. 

During the design process, one of the most important considerations was to understand how the operating patterns of a camera could be improved, especially when using the Camera Shell for the Lefty

The designers came up with a list of features for this add-on accessory. The anti-skid slot stabilises the hand when taking a picture. A charging port is necessary for battery life. A screw to attach this add-on accessory to the host camera. Operating buttons should be smooth for comfort and usability. The shell itself can slide into the camera towards the right. A securing plug (‘knob’) is needed to lock everything in place.

To use the Camera Shell for the Lefty: Draw out the extendable panel at the bottom. Move the shell into the camera towards the right. Screw the ‘knob’ into the host camera. Boot the camera to confirm the connection.


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