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Calla is an aesthetic traffic cone that resolves the challenges of typical traffic cones – usually heavy, bulky, breaks down easily, and an unpleasant sight for public spaces. Calla attempts to achieve simplicity in its aesthetics and versatility in its usage.

Calla is inspired by a species of flower that goes by the same name. Like the flower, its design seeks simplicity and versatility. Conventional traffic cones are typically heavy, they break down easily, and they look bulky. They are also eyesores in public spaces. The designer tries to resolve these challenges by designing cones that would fit well even in an indoor space. 

The user can hold and carry Calla around easily using the cutout on the cone. The cutout provides flexibility, which prevents damages caused by cars and passengers. The half-cut shaped poles, as well as the cones, are stackable and easy to store. These products consist of a minimum amount of flexible moulding plastic material like polypropylene and EVA to keep the cones as lightweight as possible, while reducing the consumption of resources.


Uchida Ryota


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