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The Bulb Bonbon tea strainer is designed to give a new image to tea that will appeal to a younger generation. The tea strainer looks like a ‘light bulb’, which infers to ‘inspiration’ and ‘enthusiasm’ in essence. It transforms into a ‘lollipop’, which is convenient for brewing and stirring at the same time. The tea strainer consists of two parts: a spherical container and a hard paper roll. The container is processed by food grade nylon and the paper roll is processed by safe edible paper. 

Before brewing, pull up the ends of the paper roll so that it becomes a stick. Then, by holding the paper stick, stir the container in water such that the tea leaves in the container are fully submerged. At some point on the stick, there is an invisible ‘standard colour mark’. Water will travel up the paper stick and dye the paper. When the dye reaches the ‘standard colour mark’, it means that it is the right time to stop brewing.

Bulb Bonbon

The Bulb Bonbon is a teabag for the young and busy. It has an inspiring and interesting  shape that changes facilitate an easier tea brewing process.


Wang Heng, He Ying


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