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Bubble Toothbrush

Bubble Toothbrush helps children to master the correct technique for brushing their teeth by blowing bubbles when they brush correctly.


Zhejiang University, China

Faculty advisors: Chen Shi, Sun Lingyun 
Designers: Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai, Yu Yijun

Without the correct guidance, many people would tend to brush their teeth with a side-to-side motion rather than the better up-down motion. To help children learn and form good brushing habits, Bubble Toothbrush will blow bubbles if its internal sensor detects the correct type of movement. Beautiful, amusing, and delightful to children, the bubbles will encourage proper brushing.

Bubble Toothbrush makes use of three axis-based accelerometer sensors to detect the brushing dynamic. It senses a variety of scenarios: transverse movement, no direction, up-down movement, and ‘whether in use’. 

The toothbrush takes a traditional shape, but the added dimension of bubble production introduces an emotional element. Bubble Toothbrush enhances the emotion interaction of people with the product, illustrating a transition from the traditional industrial mode. It also represents a transition from traditional modes of education, introducing a fun element. It introduces the notion of product feedback to the user.

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