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Until now, different fixation boards have to be used to treat fractures in different body parts. Now, with BoneAid, only one board is needed in the treatment of all types of fractures.

BoneAid is a flat-packed board for fixing fractures. It is a simple design for fixing arms, legs and ankles fracture. It can be deployed to disasters or in developing regions with insufficient medical resources. To satisfy three different conditions of a fracture, BoneAid can change its structure via a folding crease on the board


Wang Yu Chi, Huang Yu Man, Chen Jia Ling


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General fracture fixation boards are usually made in a complex form, and each board is designed to be used only on a specific body part. Unlike these boards, BoneAid can be applied to multiple body parts – in the fixation of arms, knees, legs and ankles – with different folding methods. Clear icons for instructions are also showed on the board. To use, simple tear up the board, fold into desired shape, button up and strap on. It only takes one minute to set up BoneAid. To fit any size, BoneAid can be adjusted and fixed securely with Velcro straps.

BoneAid is made of Polypropylene. It is cheaper than traditional fracture fixation splints, and its affordability means it can be used generally or mass-supplied in the event of earthquakes and disasters. The simple manufacturing process can cut down the medical costs substantially. Its flat-packed capability and compact features also saves space for efficient transportation. All these features make BoneAid an efficient medical aid with low cost and convenience.

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