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Bleep Handle

The concept of the Bleep Handle is derived from a whistling kettle. This concept is applied to the doorknob to create a fire safety equipment that makes a sound to warn people of dangerous situations.


Wang Jun-Yi, Tu Chun-Yi, Yang Ding-Zan, Ju Shiuan-Kai


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When a fire breaks out in a building, finding the right way of escape in a short time is most crucial. As such, the Bleep Handle comes in useful in this emergency situation. Because of an air hole that is set in the centre of a Bleep Handle doorknob, convection occurs through the hole when one side of the door is on fire, which would naturally let out a sound to warn people of a fire in a room, or warn them against going in the direction of the sound. 

As a closed room is burning, oxygen is being consumed very quickly because of combustion. Soon, a huge difference in pressure between the two sides of the door can cause a ‘firestorm’ if one were to open the door. With the Bleep Handle installed, people can identify the conditions of a particular room before they enter, and this guards against a potentially dangerous situation.

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