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Beahome, Beacon Smart Home Service

Beahome is a smart home security and remote control system for homes as well as whole multiplex buildings. It covers all aspects of accident prevention and after-accident care.

Existing multiplex house security systems usually focus on after-accident security and evidences – for example checking the CCTV video or raising an alarm after housebreaking. Beahome, however, takes care of residential security in all aspects of accident prevention and after-accident care. The system is composed of a main hub, beacons that send signals and a smartphone application. It provides users with security notifications, visitor information and home control functions.

Upon establishing a residential network, the Beahome is able to record the faces of visitors at the front door via a motion sensor and a camera built into the main hub. Users then receive real-time notifications on their smartphone applications about security statuses, visitors and any blacklisted persons. Additionally, the Beahome allows residents to track and control home functions such as lights, temperature, and air conditioning. The beacons can be attached anywhere, and even onto a vehicle to check the last parking position through the application.


Lee Soyoung
South Korea


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