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Bamboo Chair

The Bamboo Chair takes full advantage of the flexibility of bamboo. As bamboo can be bent easily with heat and it can bear stress evenly, the material makes this chair simple and stable.


Shenzhen Femo Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Wang Femo 

The inspiration for the Bamboo Chair is derived by streamlining the Ming style round-backed armchair. Like this ancient chair, the legs and back of the Bamboo Chair are naturally compatible to the human form. The seat is woven by bamboo strips and the user can feel the flexibility and vitality of the material when he or she is sitting down. 

The Bamboo Chair uses the characteristics of bamboo as a material to create a chair that is aesthetically pleasing. Bamboo is flexible, it can be easily bent with heat and it bears stress evenly. These characteristics are combined to make a simple and stable chair. Bamboo itself also has a strong visual appeal. Not only does the Bamboo Chair have a beautiful structure, it is also lightweight and easily carried by hand.

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