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With ‘bamboo’ and ‘magic’, the BAMAGIC interactive bamboo lamp is formed.

BAMAGIC is an interactive bamboo lamp with changeable shapes. Bamboo weaving has become a dying craft trade in China, yet the interactive characteristics of bamboo as a material has never been fully explored. The design team decided to work with a bamboo master to redesign a bamboo lamp and make it interactive. 

BAMAGIC hopes to ignite a conversation between users and this traditional craftsmanship as a way carry this tradition into future generations. Its ability to be flat-packed also saves more than 50 percent of the transportation cost as compared to traditional bamboo lamps.


Shenzhen Soso Design Company Ltd., China
Team Lead: Shen Wenjiao
Design: Huang Ruiqiong, Zhang Wei 

Team Lead: Huang Xinwu


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