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BALAMP is a bedside lamp whose function depends on the weight of the objects placed on it.

BALAMP incorporates into one sleekly designed object all the functions required to aid us in that fuzzy moment when we wake up to attend to something, be it a barking dog, a crying baby, a needed restroom visit or a hankering for a midnight snack. When the weight of the objects on BALAMP is registered, the lamp remains switched off. When an object is lifted off – such as a glass of water – BALAMP switches on with a dim light without disturbing one’s partner.

BALAMP combines the functions of a nightstand light, an alarm clock and a wireless battery charger. The colours of the light, the alarm tone and the clock can all be regulated via a smartphone app. This product is designed to be as multi-functional as possible, while at the same time, as inconspicuous as possible. The innovation of BALAMP, besides its multi-functionality, is in the weight activation system and lack of exterior input areas. It relies on whatever the user usually puts on the nightstand, thus avoiding the clumsy searching for switches in darkness.

BALAMP revolutionises one of our most intimate daily rituals: that moment we go to bed, end our day with a good book, or programme the next day by setting an alarm – all under the soft light of a lamp. BALAMP is a part of all those gestures and does its job without buttons, dials or switches. Simply put a book (or anything else) on the lamp and, goodnight!


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