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Baked Air

Baked Air is a series of humidifiers disguised as steam emitting common kitchenwares.


Choi Jueun, Kim Bitnuri, Lee Soojin, Hong Hyekyung
South Korea

Baked Air is a collection of humidifiers designed as interior elements. They are deliberately disguised to look like steam emitting common kitchenwares, such as a pot, an electric kettle and a hot drinks mug. To compliment this concept, natural materials such as ceramic, marble, brass and leather are used to give users a warm, relaxed and homely feeling.

The pot, which is the biggest of the series, is designed for the living room or more spacious areas. Its upper body is slightly different from normal humidifiers. Instead of emitting steam directly from a hole-type outlet, moisture is released along the circular rim of the top disk. This allows steam to spread over a wider area. In addition, the user interface is subtly micro-perforated on the top disk.


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The cup, the smallest of the series, also has its own unique function as a “desk mug” and can be easily recharged via an attached USB port type charger. The kettle is, in a nutshell, a medium-sized option in terms of the capacity and portability. The charging docks of all three models resemble coasters and intuitively, users will know where to return and recharge their “kitchenwares”.

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