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Axis Wooden Spectacles

Axis Wooden Spectacles offers a new solution in eyewear production. The special hinge-system has been created to work with the least components possible and aims to reduce production time and complexity.


András Kelemen

Both the use of natural materials and simple implementation were primary goals while designing these spectacles. The frame is constructed from plywood made from the wood of local tree species. The outer layer is walnut, while the inner layers are made of beech wood. The special glue used to secure the layers provides enough flexibility for the lenses to be snapped into place at room temperature. Under higher temperatures, the temples and bridge are both shapeable. These spectacles can therefore be fitted to suit any face structure. 

While designing these spectacles, it is important that the hinges be manufactured locally and in the simplest way possible. In contrast to traditional hinges, the temples of these spectacles must be rotated 180 degrees inward to close them. The rotation is made possible by specially placed notches on the temples, wooden pins and by an L-shaped piece hidden in the frame.

The spring-like movement of the hinges is inspired by the spring mechanism of pocketknives. This springing sensation is caused by the tension that develops at the base of the temple, and is supported by the flexibility and wear resistance of the layered pieces. The use of new technology and renewable, top-quality materials make this frame merely 11g, which provides comfort for the wearer. The hand polished wooden frame highlights the elegance and diversity of natural materials, giving these spectacles further aesthetic value.


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