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AUX Bluetooth receiver transmitter

This AUX Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter in the model IDMIX A02 is specially designed for cars. The key design objective is to transmit and transform the audio playback into AUX Line-in via Bluetooth in the simplest way possible.

The IDMIX A02 AUX Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter is aimed at car users. It receives and transmits audio files from mobile phones, iPads and other smart devices via Bluetooth, then transforms the audio files into AUX line-in, so that music stored on smart devices can be enjoyed through car speakers. It can also send messages via the microphone function. 

The main body of this device incorporates an USB port at the base for device charging and USB data reading. The overall appearance is cute and compact with a sleek metal shell as its main body. The LOGO LED indicator enhances the experience of the design. This product frees the user from messy wires and plugs. It falls in line with the team’s consistent pursuit to give everyone a creative and beautiful life.


Shenzhen YiXing Industry Design Co.,  Ltd., China
Team Lead: Duan Jihong
Design: Huang Xinglin, Liang Zhijun, Wang Liming 

Shenzhen IDMIX Innovative Products Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Duan Jihong


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