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Auroma One

Auroma One makes it easy for anyone to brew the perfect cup of coffee in 2 minutes, without producing any plastic waste. Its patented brewing technology allows for precise control, resulting in a gourmet cup of coffee tailored to each person’s taste preference.


Auroma Brewing Company, Canada
Team Lead: Ornicha Srimokla
Design: Rayan Al-Shaibani, Pawin Wongtada


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Auroma One is a fully automatic, single-serve coffee maker that consistently makes the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee itself is made up of 1500 chemicals, which translates to 150 possible flavours and 30 different aromas. To achieve the perfect cup of coffee, brewing parameters need to be controlled precisely so that only the desired flavours are extracted.

Auroma One allows the user to experiment with different brew settings, and control all the variables in the brewing process, such as grind size, temperature, coffee-to-water ratio and total dissolved coffee.  

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, right after water, and with the invention of disposable coffee pods, convenient coffee making has been causing great distress to environmental well-being. As such, Auroma One offers an alternative to conventional single-serve coffee machines. With this personal barista, users no longer have to use plastic pods for quick and convenient coffee, thus reducing waste. Instead, they are equipped with all the “tools” to make rich and smooth coffee from freshly roasted whole beans from their local roasters.

The external appearance and material use of this coffee machine reflects the art and culture of craft coffee. The design keeps as many components of the brewing process visible, and displays the fresh ingredients in a transparent water reservoir and bean hopper. However, all the sensors are tightly packed under the durable stainless steel enclosure. This allows users to witness the brewing process in the chamber and yet still manages to achieve a simple and clean finish on the machine.

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