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The AQ-200 is an image-processing endoscopic device that can transmit the endoscopic image onto a screen.


ShangHai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Wang Qiubo
Design: Chen Xiaomin, Chen Songting

The AQ-200 is an image-processing endoscopic system that comprises an endoscope handle, display monitor and image processor. It can achieve up to 1080dpi in its image processing and endoscopic functions, putting amongst the world’s most advanced equipment with the highest computing power, particularly in dealing with the complicated environment of the human stomach and internal organ tissue.

The system-wide optical communication and isolation gives it better resistance to interference and greatly reduces its interference on other equipment. Through laser transmission, the high-frequency signals enhance dielectric strength and improve the anti-interference capability.


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Working with an identification card system, the system can be shared across departments and store the user preferences of various physicians. By swiping a card, a doctor’s personal information allows the system to generate a saved user interface according to the habits of the doctor and the department. Different departments will have a different operating frequency. This device can then arrange the order of the keys on the interface according to the operating frequency, thus providing a better user experience for doctors.

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