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Innogy has produced a comprehensive retirement planning app that brings them to the forefront in the field of digitised personnel management for company pension plans. The app serves as a model for transforming face-to-face counselling services and business processes into a system using self-service devices.


Client: innogy SE, Germany

Design: innogy SE, Germany
Team Lead: Jörg PAßMANN
Justine Ensmann, Jürgen GÖßLING, Peter SEEMANN, Sebastian WEST, Uta VIRKUS, Ulrich MONHEIM,

Agency: Carlo MATIC, Interactive Pioneers, Germany

An individual employee’s retirement plan is usually laid out in a personal interview with the personnel manager.  This talk can cover many topics, such as background information about the retirement plan, a preliminary calculation of the expected pension, options for closing possible pension deficits, etc. With the new App Your Future app, innogy has made it possible for employees to do their own comprehensive retirement planning.

The main elements of the app include: Background information about the company pension plan, with topics such as age limits, provisions for dependants, benefits for reduced earning capacity, etc.; interactive clips that allow users to choose the sequence, pace and depth of information for optimal learning and an animated pension deficit calculator with flexible settings for various parameters. With the last tool, one can calculate, for example, the exact monthly rate for building a specific financial reserve. It is based on qualified human resource data, which is integrated into the system automatically.

Whatever the employee’s particular needs are, the app makes it possible to play out various life-scenarios and calculate whether there will be enough savings or a pension deficit. Through an interface with the company’s personnel databank, the user’s real personal data is automatically integrated into the pension shortfall calculator. Another special feature is the White Label compatibility and modular construction, which make it possible to offer the app to many other companies.

With a powerful end-to-end encryption, the exclusive use of certified service providers and a secure data processing centre ensure the highest level of data security at all times.  

The App Your Future app could be the beginning of a far-reaching innovation in the field of personnel services and counselling. It can be used as a model to understand how digitalisation can lower costs while providing lasting improvements in the quality of counselling services. Other human resource areas that rely heavily on counselling might follow this example. 

The digitalisation inherent in the app concept makes possible an intelligent service design and an innovative service delivery model. Digitalisation is the prerequisite for optimising aspects such as user experience, interface and data integration; process quality; information and user empowerment; calculation of pension shortfall and independent counselling and advice. The high quality of counselling in this self-service mode helps to achieve a more streamlined and efficient personnel management structure. Users receive thorough, well-rounded long-term advice, which is specially tailored to their needs. 


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