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The concept for this intuitively operated radio is based on the broadly understood usability of antennas. The radio’s simple form makes it easy to use and offers the delight of an analogue experience. The ‘antenna’ provides the means of controlling the power, frequency and volume. 

To turn the power on, the user must grasp the ball gently and pull it upwards. To manually adjust the frequency, the user must lightly push the controller to the left or right. For automatic frequency adjustment, the controller must be pushed left or right for an extended period of time. To adjust the volume, the user must hold the ball and turn it to the left or right. 

At the front of the radio is a speaker with hidden lighting for frequency and volume information review. There is a switch for converting the mode between AM/FM mode and to Bluetooth mode at the rear, as well as a USB port with a rubber cap.


Antenna maximises intuitive usability by replacing the control buttons for power, frequency adjustment and volume with a ball and a bar.


Jung Jaekyu, Jung Younkyu 
South Korea


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