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ANNA – Breathing assistant for general anesthesia

ANNA is a breathing assistant that helps children go through the procedure of anesthesia. The lights and sounds of ANNA prompt the child to inhale and exhale slower and deeper, speeding up the sedation process.


Janis Beinerts, Trieuvy Luu, Sebastian Aumer, Lars Sundelin

Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden

General anesthesia is not a pleasant experience, especially for children. Lying down, breathing through a tight mask is difficult, the smell of the sedation gas can be unpleasant and the sedation process may take up to several minutes. One of the goals of ANNA is to ease the child out of stress and help them maintain deep and slow breathing during the procedure.

Before the sedation, ANNA serves as an interactive feedback equipment that corresponds to the user’s breathing with light and sound movements. It is simple and intuitive to understand. In this way, the sedation procedure proceeds more smoothly and parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands.


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