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Animal Farm is a series of lamps designed with the twin themes of craft revival and the re-purposing of used glass bottles. Dunk is the latest in this series of warm and friendly fantasy creatures. It was inspired by the idea of finding beauty and joy in simple objects of daily use.


Nishi Chauhan


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Waste management is one of the major problems in India. The Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) has estimated that only 45% of glass bottles produced in India are collected for recycling. In a country where reusing and recycling are almost a way of life for most people, it comes as a surprise that more than half of these objects either end up in landfills or meet other wasteful ends.

Animal Farm aims at sourcing and repurposing bottles that don’t make it back into the recycling chain, to give them new meaning. These upcycled bottle lamps visualise animal forms, featuring the wood and lac-turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka. By bringing this dying local craft and the cause of repurposing together, Animal Farm tries to provide an ecologically conscious solution. Locally procured materials, skills and labour make the whole venture sustainable. In addition, it generates more opportunities by giving a new direction to this traditional craft – a contemporary aesthetic more suited to our times. The project is an effort to move away from the backyard innovation image and tap into the good craftsmanship talent that India possesses.

Dunk is the latest animal to join the series of animal lamps. It is a warm and friendly fantasy creature and tells us an intimate story with a simple and elegant style. Its bold and symmetrical forms made out of turned and lacquered wood accentuate the beautiful glass silhouette that forms its body. It acts as a mood light and provides a soft glow that lends a warm and restful atmosphere to the surroundings.

Dunk was inspired by the idea of finding beauty and joy in simple objects of daily use. It makes you look at your surroundings differently and realise that there are many faces waiting to be explored and revealed to the world. Having Dunk nearby is like having cordial company by your side. Its charming shape was designed to provoke sentiments in the user. It is a marriage of industrial processes with good design and craftsmanship, resulting in a sensitive product with a personality and character of its own.

The product constitutes two distinct materials that provide shape and volume to the idea and make it conducive to the contemporary home environment: glass and wood. The first emanates a warm, magical, diffused light. The wooden head, base and legs that house the glass body use the language of colour, giving the lamp further possibilities for expression and customisation. With minimal intervention from the designer and the craftsperson, waste is reborn as Dunk – a playful, usable product.

Dunk was not designed to stay in one place, but to travel through different rooms and a variety of situations and moods – on the corner table, in the bookshelf, on the bedside table or desk. The range of colours available allows this lamp to blend with various domestic landscapes and lifestyles. Naturally elegant in green, sharp and refined in black, warm and reassuring in ochre, bright and exuberant in red and orange – these five shades allow everyone to choose their ideal Dunk.

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