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Airborne Tent

Airborne Tent combines the function of a parachute and a tent for disaster relief.

In the event of war or unexpected disasters, there are many victims who need help. These war- or disaster-stricken areas may not be accessible via land transport and relief cannot be given to the victims who are likely to be homeless and suffering. In such a situation, Airborne Tent helps to provide relief by bringing people shelter and supplies. 


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The idea for Airborne Tent is to combine the function of a parachute and a tent. Where there is a disaster, Airborne Tent comes in like a parachute and airdrops supplies for the victims. Beyond being a mode of delivering supplies, the parachute also readily transforms into a temporary tent shelter for the victims who have lost their homes. Its features include a built-in pump, a military fire balloon, a parachute and a charging connector.


Xiong Shilin, Han Wenjia, Mao Rifen, Li Minghai, Wan Tao

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