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Air Lamp

Air Lamp combines desktop lighting and air purification functions into one cylindrical device.


Zhejiang TIHE Instruments Co. Ltd, China

Team lead: Huang Jianguo 
Designers: Chen Paula, Deng Shengjin, Hu Wenwei, Song Danjing, Zhu Zhengfeng

This dual-function product offers an LED light source at the top and an air-filtration unit below. The energy-saving LED light is controlled by touch, and is covered by crystalline top. The aluminium canister below conceals the patented TIHE filter. The filter incorporates combined LCD (low-temperature catalytic decomposition) and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) technology to effectively produce clean air for residential needs. The HEPA technology removes PM2.5 fine particles and the LCD targets polluted air.

The LCD technology can be activated at room temperature without the need for a high temperature, ozone, or ultraviolet light. The process does not produce further pollutants. It involves the decomposition of formaldehyde and any other organic compounds from the air into carbon dioxide and water. It removes multiple pollutants permanently and completely.

Compared with conventional activated carbon absorption technology, LCD has no saturation issues; the performance could maintain the initial efficiency and stability across the product’s lifetime. The catalyst’s physical and chemical properties will not change or degrade during the decomposition process. This technology is long term, low maintenance, and cost saving.


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