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With an increasing amount of smog hanging above our heads, people living in cities and polluted areas are desperate to find spaces where air is safe. For a safe indoor environment, the Air Box brings fresh air indoors by removing PM2.5 particles in the air. 

The Air Box is environment-friendly and completely natural. Corkwood is chosen for its recyclable and renewable properties. The type of corkwood used is also eco-friendly, doing little to no damage to the environment; and of food-grade material that does not use formaldehyde. The natural humidifying function ensures one enjoys the freshest air even when asleep. The special closed-cell structure and high elasticity make the Air Box light, safe and economical enough to be carried and transferred.


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Air Box

Air Box is a solution designed to improve the indoor environment by working as a PM2.5 air filter. It fits on the desktop to encourage taking in fresh air within a close radius.


Hangzhou Somecreative Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Yuan Wei
Design: He Xiaoyi, Fan Xuan, Zhang Shuang, Wu Chunlei, Han Xiaochen, Shen Yunyun, Wang You, Shi Jiahua, Ye Chuhang

This fully air purifying device is easy to craft, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain. The raw material employed needs less processing and consumption. The design itself also removes unnecessary accessories, reducing it to only two simple buttons. The design and manufacture of Air Box itself reduces waste and emissions, and thus indirectly contributes to better air quality. Moreover, its simple design blends in seamlessly with any interior space of any function. More than an air purifier, the Air Box warms up a space as a decorative piece with neutral colours.

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