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AIR BLOOM is an air purifier inspired by the shape of flowers. When AIR BLOOM is working, it looks like a flower in bloom.


GD Midea Air-Conditioner Equipment Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Li Sanxin
Design: Li Jinchen, Wei Ziwei

Air pollution from continuous expansion in city sizes, large-scale industrial production, rapid development and sustained urban traffic causes great negative impacts on the health and daily lives of residents. Many appliance manufacturers see this phenomenon as a market opportunity to sell air purifiers. Existing air purifiers on the market today can be mainly differentiated by their purification technology and material. In terms of external outlook, however, they seem to have the same visual language.

As a response to the homogeneity of air purifiers on the markets, AIR BLOOM aims to fully optimise the air purifying function and encourages physical user interaction at the same time. Its design does not only consider the product function, but also the user, the environment and the overall relationship of these factors. The result is a product that is able to completely immerse in any environment and displayed as a sophisticated piece of art.

Clean air and the natural environment have a symbiotic relationship. As such, AIR BLOOM borrows inspiration from nature and translates the internal logic and ecological characteristics of nature into the air purifier’s function and floral form.


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