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AEP-200 is a new animal endoscope equipment that is more portable and flexible than traditional models.

Traditional animal endoscopy equipment is heavy and inconvenient to transport, even requiring a few people to operate. AEP-200 is a more portable design that breaks the traditional models and integrates all functions of modern endoscopy into the same equipment. 

To examine, the doctor simply inserts the mirror into the animal’s body and control it via the handle. A detachable double-screen is included for doctors to share the images of the condition with other observers. With the bottle-shaped design, the mirror has the capability of flushing forward, thus providing a clear view during the endoscopic observation and treatment.


ShangHai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Wang Qiubo
Design: Chen Songting, Chen Xiaomin


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