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A.N.T is an intelligent cleaning robot specifically designed to clean central air conditioning systems in a single operation.


Liu Yu, Wang He-Ming

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, the ventilation pipes of central air-conditioning can breed bacteria. Traditionally, pipeline cleaning requires an air pressure machine, a vacuum cleaner, robots and other devices to do a complete job. This method tends to be high cost, low efficiency and require smaller pipes to be dismantled before cleaning. The A.N.T. combines a variety of device capabilities in one cleaning robot to pass ventilation ducts and penetrate small pipes, making it more convenient to clean a central air-conditioning system.


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Inspired by industrious and busy worker ants, A.N.T. is intuitive to complex duct systems and it can change its form to fit various environments. It combines the functions of a robotic explorer, vacuum cleaner and other capabilities that are needed to clean the individual pipelines of a central air-conditioning system. Only a single operation is required to work through the whole terminal.

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