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55° MirrorHob

When a pan on the gas hob obscures the flame, users often have to crouch down to check on the flame. With the 55° MirrorHob, users can monitor the flame via a reflection created by a mirrored surface on the rear of the gas hob.


Hangzhou Weiyuansu Industrial  Design Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Liu Zhongliang
Design: Fang Shi, Zhou Jian, Yu Hongfei, Wu Yanyan

When using large pans on a gas hob, the pan obscures the gas flame and the dial on the gas knob only gives an estimate of the true flame size. This requires the user to crouch down just to see the size of the gas flame. This position can be tiresome and difficult for older folks with back and knee problems. To lower one’s head close to the hot pan is also not completely safe. 

The 55° MirrorHob solves this problem. As its name suggests, the hob has a mirrored surface angled at 55° by the rear of the hob. Now, users only have to look at the mirrored surface to catch the reflected image of the gas flame. They can monitor the size of the flame from a comfortable standing position and make sure it has not gone out. The 55° MirrorHob removes the guesswork that accompanies standard gas hobs.


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