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45° Angle Staple

This is a stapler head that is bent at a 45-degree angle to enable more flexibility in its function. The bent stapler allows the tool to reach any part of the paper stack to do its job.


University of South China, China

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Zhou Jun, Prof. Tang Weidong

Design: Su Ping, Zhu Weiji, Zhong Haiyan, Gao Dapeng, Zhou Jun


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The stapler is a stationery frequently used in the office for binding pages of paper. A traditional stapler can only be used for binding books at the edges. When one needs to have the pages bound from the middle or the spine, the traditional stapler does not function well in this situation.

However, with the clever design of the 45° Angle Staple, it guarantees that the stapler head can reach the middle of the paper and ensures that the angling of the stapler head is not too large to be flexible. The 45° angle bend on the traditional stapler form allows the user to bind books in ways and positions that traditional staplers cannot achieve.

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