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Nest - The Airport Stowage Bed

Like a bird looking after its young, the Nest airport bed allows you to rest in the comfort of knowing that your belongings are safe and secure beneath you.

Air travel is not always a breeze. It is common for passengers to be stranded in airports. It is a tiring process often compounded by jet lag. Lastly, it all begs the question: why is it so difficult to sleep in an airport? Part of the problem is the belongings we carry with us: our passport, travel money, and expensive electronics, to name a few. How do we sleep soundly with our possessions in an unfamiliar environment, particularly if we are travelling alone?


DCA Design, United Kingdom
Team Lead: Dan Salisbury

The Nest bed is designed for both comfort and storage. It supports the user like a hammock with the use of an elastic fabric mesh, while the internal storage compartment is accessed through a zip at the top. Before lying down, simply unzip the top of the Nest bed to deposit valuable belongings in the compartment and zip it back up. Lying down, the user sleeps knowing that no one can simply walk off with his or her bag.

The unique hoop zip design means that the Nest bed can easily be opened and closed when vacant. Comfort is optimised because the zip is shrouded in felt trim and the design ensures the hoop is at the foot-end of the bed when closed. The fabric mesh has been designed so that the contents of the bed are always visible. This enables airport security to verify that there is no unattended luggage or suspiciously hidden items. Simply comprised of a tubular metal frame and fabric mesh, Nest is also lightweight, portable and can be easily positioned in appropriate areas of the airport.


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