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Live Long (Brand Concept With Product Packaging)

The brand identity and packaging design for Live Long natural juice seeks to be one with nature and focuses on environmentally friendly technologies.


Opus B Brand Design, Poland
Team Lead: Piotr Wisniewski
Design: Aleksandra Wisniewska

Live Long taps into primeval sources of longevity, these sources have shielded valuable microelements and minerals from time. Among other things the brand offers real, natural juice extracted via age-old methods. It embodies a return to tradition: at the beginning of every spring, ancestors would drink the juice of tree straight out of tree trunks as an energy supplement to strengthen their bodies. In modern times, Live Long reflects the lifestyle of health-conscious consumers who live harmoniously with nature and appreciate real, natural flavours without chemical additives. Live Long provides these people with an extra boost of energy in their daily plans.

In creating the packaging for Live Long, inspiration from nature led to a simple and natural solution. Each Live Long can was thought to bear similarity to a tree trunk. The bark on the label corresponds to the juice’s origin (a particular species of tree). The minimalist and literal form of the packaging is broken by a label made from recycled paper. The label shows botanical drawings of a given tree, alongside the brand logo. The letter “V” is deliberately emphasised, alluding to cutting a V-shaped notch in the tree to collect the juice. 

To live harmoniously with nature, the design focuses on ecological solutions. Live Long juices are sold in environmentally friendly cartons supplied by Cartocan® and made from recyclable materials. This form of packaging has an exceptionally low carbon footprint compared to aluminium cans and PET bottles. It is tagged with a FSC certificate and a “CO2 Footprint” symbol, which affirms its efforts to minimise greenhouse gas emission in the production and recycling process.


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