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Kwarta has been created to revive the dying mead production traditions in Poland. It brings together almost forgotten craftsmanship with contemporary design to create unique bottles of mead.


Agencja Reklamowa Opus B, Poland
Team Lead: Piotr Wisniew
During the Middle Ages, mead was one of the major Polish exported goods. Kwarta has been produced to revive the dying mead production traditions. The shape of the bottle is a modern interpretation of traditional bottles for mead. Drawing inspiration from stoneware bottles for mead preserved in the collections of Ethnographic Museums, we have developed an original contemporary form.
Kwarta draws from the past and pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship. It abandons the monotony of today’s industrial standardisation. Kwarta is manufactured in a small workshop, where objects with soul are created. An important aspect is the natural process of burning stoneware vessels. They are largely made by hand, in accordance with the oldest rules of craftsmanship.


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