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Île Flottante

“Thick skin above, and tender heart below” – lightweight and transportable, the Île Flottante (also a French Floating Island dessert) is a modular aesthetic object. Its rigid core accommodates various types of fabrics that may be easily replaced.


Dr. Manuela Bucci
Île Flottante revolutionises the concept of sitting by reversing traditionally soft and rigid materials for a fluid-solid effect. The small floating “Île” is the exact opposite of a traditional seat – it is a soft stuffing encased by a more solid structure. The heart of Île Flottante is made of foam polystyrene balls and rollofill. Above the heart, the thick skin is made of curved plexiglass monocromo. The result is a seat that gives a light, solid, mobile and floating feeling all at once.
“The idea came about when I was thinking about the classic padded pillows that give way," said the designer, Manuela Bucci. Île Flottante is designed to overcome this problem, improve comfort and facilitate getting up. Île Flottante is lightweight, portable and complements traditional seats or in situations that require mobile armchairs.
The designer conveys special thanks to Giuseppe Trenzani and Renato Boschetti who helped her with their know-how in the prototype development.

Île Flottante is a registered design and patent pending.


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