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Gomo is a tool designed to ease stress in children who are hospitalised. It is a plush toy that interfaces with an augmented-reality point-of-care app. Gomo decreases anxiety by promoting a positive interaction between hospital staff and paediatric patients, facilitated by playful visual aids.


Savannah College of Art and Design, United States
Faculty Advisor: Owen Foster
Design: Lily Karatzas 

Stress and anxiety during hospitalisation have a huge impact on recovery and create delays in other patients’ care. Gomo is a plush toy designed to lessen anxiety in paediatric patients by facilitating a positive interaction between medical staff and the patient. When hospital staff member gives the toy to a paediatric patient, the staff member can use the Gomo app and toy as a visual aid to explain illnesses or injuries to the patient.

The Gomo app uses augmented reality to project ten body systems onto the plush toy. Gomo’s face is used as a homing mechanism to orientate the different body systems on the screen over the physical toy. The staff member and patient can add body systems to the images on the screen, click on individual organs, and rotate the tablet to view different angles of the images. This interaction gives both child and staff member the opportunity to interact in a comfortable and educational setting – similar to play. The child is allowed to keep Gomo, reinforcing the positive interaction. 

When Gomo is not joined with its augmented reality application, it is a metal-free toy that can be cuddled for comfort during procedures like CAT scans, MRIs, and X-rays. Gomo is created from inexpensive fabrics, using an easily assembled pattern. It is completely machine washable to minimise the spread of bacteria and germs. Gomo speeds up recovery, increases hospital productivity, and fosters a positive experience for the medical system’s most vulnerable patients.


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