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GESTICO is an isotonic pointing device with 14 sensor-equipped ball joints, which translates and sends real movements directly into any animation software. 3D characters can be animated quickly and realistically, making poses and gestures immediately tangible for the animator.
GESTICO was developed to animate 3D characters quickly and realistically. The device makes the poses and gestures of characters physically tangible for the animator, allowing any expression or body language to be immediately and effortlessly altered. Equipped with rotational sensors, movements are captured and wirelessly sent to the computer in real time through the Bluetooth Module.


Emami Design, Germany
Team Lead: Arman Emami
The user can connect the “14 joint points” to any rigged character in the animation software of their choice, and instead of moving the points manually via a mouse, physically animate the character’s movements with GESTICO. In this way, animation can be done more efficiently and intuitively. Since sensors on the hands and feet move along with the arms and legs respectively, relational movements immediately become more realistic and easier to create via GESTICO.

GESTICO can be used as an animation tool in a wide range of fields ranging from film production to anatomy and video game creation. It enables any rigged character to be animated in real-time, which is helpful for beginners learning to animate. Universally compatible with any animation software and compactly built with USB-charging and wireless capabilities, it is extremely portable and travel-friendly.


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