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In an emergency situation, the job of a paramedic is to get the most patient information in the shortest time to make the best diagnosis so that the patient can be treated from any life-threatening conditions before reaching the hospital. Since emergency situations are time-sensitive, FLIR HC150 camera provides a faster way to conduct a non-invasive examination of the patient by scanning the body with an infrared camera.

FLIR HC150 combines two main functions. The compact thermal heat camera helps paramedics find internal injuries for prompt, accurate diagnosis that will lead to decisions about further treatment. The AI calculates and decodes the image in seconds, and the result is sent to the hospital. The early information allows medical decisions and arrangements to be made ahead of time. The second function helps paramedics administer medication. Infrared light can penetrate the skin up to 1 cm and makes collapsed veins visible. The device can be attached to the arm via a strap to keep paramedics hands-free.


The HC150 is a thermal heat camera designed in cooperation with Flir to help paramedics read the body status of patients


Alexander Abele
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